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 Trailer Rental
Trailer Rental

Delivery is free within 30 miles. We will be happy to travel further but will have to charge a $1.00 per mile fee. Our trailers need a fairly flat area of approximately 60’ x 60’ with at least 11’ of clearance. The area must be able to be accessed by a pick-up truck. Trailers must be booked in advance, half of payment will be due upon scheduling (non-refundable) and balance paid five days prior to your event. Cancellations do not constitute a refund. Inclement weather the day of your event that requires rescheduling will be handled on a case by case basis. Waivers for all participants will be brought with trailer and all participants must sign. There is no age limit to who can throw, as long as accompanied by a guardian and the thrower can safely control the axe. No thrower will be permitted to throw without closed toe shoes. Attendants will accompany the trailer to provide training for any participant interested.

Rules Axe Throwing is dangerous. Be Aware of your surroundings.
You are Responsible for Your Safety
  • Our attendants are there to be sure all rules are followed failure to do so will result in disqualification without refund
  • Closed Toe Shoes are REQUIRED no exceptions
  • No headphones or ear buds are permitted.
  • Throwers are only permitted 1 axe at a time and must use axes provided by attendants unless your axe is WATL approved.
  • Cell Phone use is not permitted in throwing zone and must be put away. Feel free to stand outside throwing zone to take pictures and videos.
  • Axes are sharp, DO NOT touch the blades.
  • Axes are to be held by handle only.
  • Only throwers are permitted in the throwing zone. No more than 2 at each side.
  • Any thrower that is aggressive or destructive will be disqualified. (attendants discretion)
  • No underhand throwing, 1 or 2 hand overhead only. Our attendants are trained and will be happy to give pointers.
  • In event of bounce back, DO NOT attempt to catch an axe. MOVE.
  • Any player that is intoxicated will not be permitted to throw. (attendants discretion)
  • The signed renter of the trailer is responsible for their guests. If the attendants are threatened or harassed they will remove the trailer from the premises.

Our attendants are trained and enjoy the sport and want everyone to have a great time. Part of a great time is being safe. Please be as kind to them as they are to you.

These rules are in place so everyone can have fun splitting wood and not looking for fingers.